With a full range of relocation and migration services, CrownTECH’s offerings are as granular and comprehensive as you want them to be. Our key focus is your business and making sure it is not disrupted by any move or shift in your business.
Our unique and tailored services include:

  • Planning the relocation of all your IT equipment and infrastructure, both hardware and software.
  • Cataloguing all PCs, workstations and peripherals like printers and scanners as well as all your voice and data storage equipment and infrastructure.
  • A pre-relocation audit to map out your network, the application configuration and hardware requirements of every piece of technology involved in the move, every laptop, desktop computer, every tablet and how they are linked.
  • Cleaning and collecting your equipment at the time of your choosing from one or multiple locations.
  • Moving your IT equipment in a safe and reliable manner to one or multiple locations.
  • Reinstalling and/or updating your network, infrastructure, devices and software in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ensuring that every single desktop environment is as it was, including a focus on such details as the position of the mouse, screen and keyboard and the positioning of trading desks.
  • CrownTECH can also upgrade systems during the relocation process; upgrading software of introducing newer hardware.
  • Recording the move and trail of every piece of equipment involved in the relocation of your business.

No matter how many desktop environments are involved or the size of your business and your network and IT infrastructure, CrownTECH can ensure your move is carried out smoothly and on time, eliminating disruptions to your business.
Contact us to find out how CrownTECH can make your relocation, expansion or upgrade smooth and easy.