Desktop Relocation

CrownTECH’s Specialty

CrownTECH’s Specialty- Esthetically pleasing and Technically correct .

Before the move:
• Professionals document each workstation, noting the specific set up and profile of each one.
• Each workstation and piece of related hardware is disconnected.
• Workstations are tagged and carefully packaged.
• All servers are shut down, tagged and packed.
• Keyboards, cables, and peripheral equipment are disconnected, packed into individually sealed and labelled anti-static bags and packed with the main system.
• All printers and associated equipment is disconnected and prepared for the move based on manufacturers’ shipping instructions.

After the move:
• Networks are reassembled.
• All computer equipment, components and peripherals like printers and scanners are reconnected.
• Systems are powered up. Workstation and server connectivity are tested.
• All individual systems and peripheral hardware is tested.
• On the first live day of operation after the move, a technical specialist remains on site to address any questions and deal with any issues that may arise.